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Seventh Framework Program RENVISION is a three year project funded by the European Union FP7 FET (Future Emerging technology) proactive program: Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems Call 9 Objective 9.11

It aims at deciphering the biological processing of visual information in the retina and exploiting this new knowledge to build retina-inspired artificial visual processing systems


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Renvision workshop will be held on 26th July 2016...more info coming soon!

Today RENVISION at SFN 2015 in Chicago!!!

Find RENVISION presentations at SFN 2015:

Presentations/posters: 540.24/CC40 147.13/K20 and 267.14/BB57  

congratulations to the authors!

Today RENVISION meeting in Bruxelles

All together in Bruxelles, ready for the 2nd review meeting!