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Seventh Framework Program RENVISION is a three year project funded by the European Union FP7 FET (Future Emerging technology) proactive program: Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems Call 9 Objective 9.11

It aims at deciphering the biological processing of visual information in the retina and exploiting this new knowledge to build retina-inspired artificial visual processing systems


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Latest News

Rensivion Results on Display

In late December 2013 several Renvision partners were involved in a publication on the Journal of Physiology (abstract).

The data collected for that paper was used by Matthias Hennig's group to produce these wonderful images on display in St. Andrew Square (Edinburgh) as part of the exibition The Brain - Is Wider than the Sky.


Retinal Banner


Congratulations to everybody for the paper and to Matthias's group for the amazing pictures!

First review meeting

Friday, March 28, 2014
The forthcoming (first) review meeting will be held in Genova the 9th of April 2014. For the agenda follow this link.

Experimental session

Friday, March 28, 2014
In February 3-5, 2014 we held in Genova a joint experimental session with all partner actively involved in the recording and analysis pipeline. The aim was to converge in an early phase of the project all the partners of the RENVISION consortium and the techniques and methodologies implemented so far.